January 15, 2008
Long time no updates! Felicia has been updated again thanks to FerchogtX as usual.

Here's the changelog:

- Tweaked the Aerial Rave Behavior, now it's 98% accurate against MvC2.
- Tweaked AR Launcher, to match MvC2.
- Included the combo messages in Felicia's ssf and air files, now at least in a 98%, she can use her own MvC2 effects without the need of Ryou Win's Addon... if you still want to use it it's at your own, you can now even use Dr4ch1r's MvC2 Screenpack or any other if you like.
- With the incluson of the combo messages, now the code was tweaked in order to show the "Aerial Rave" message when you do an air combo. I'm using the "Aerial Rave" message, not the "Air Combo" one, to match MvC2 Japanese Arcade version.
- Added an extra state for Aerial Rave, if outscreen when hitting foe, felicia will dash on screen (like in MvC2).
- Changed the default system for Felicia, now she is using her own common states file, it is called mrvl-sys.st and was created to emulate the Marvel System behavior, of course it has interactivity with the rest of the chars. BTW I cannot guarantee a very accurate behavior with chars that use other systems, like KOF chars, CVS chars should work fine. check details in the mrvl-sys.st file.
- Tweaked Hyper BG and Hyper Combo Finish effects.
- Tweaked behavior in almost all hitdefs, so now the system matches Vs one, basically the system now emulates in al 98% the vs / MvC2 system.
- Added callbacks to force enemies to enter intro the system, they should behave like Felicia if they are hit.
- Changed Hyper Sand Splash, now has a better Flying screen effect, and a dash on screen if offscreen (92% match against Mvc2)
- Changed Dancing Flash, instead of making the foe entering into a custom get hit state now the Hyper is divides in several HitDefs, that makes the foe shrink when hit, and adds the posibility to customize the behavior, so the launcher in that move now is different, and even the Hyper Combo Finish BG shows in the launcher state in the Hyper. Also helps to prevent Felicia from continuing the move if not all the hits were succes- full...
- Changed collision boxes for many throws, now they connect even for "pixies" (small characters) and tweaked many stuff around them to match MvC2.
- Fixed some other collision boxes to do them contact with small chars.
- Changed some other sparks to show MvC2 ones.
- Added a button mashing feature to the first throw of Felicia.
- Changed palletes, basically added new colors for new effects that were missing in Felicia.
- Fixed some other stuff.

November 11, 2007
The website has been moved to PIIYM Network. I've put up two portrait packs in the Others section just for kicks. Some random links added to the Linsk section too.

July 5, 2007
Stages are now up! I'm reaaally sorry I forgot about it. >_<

June 6, 2007
OMG I'm alive! Hehe, sorry for the lack of things. There's nothing going on around lately and I'v been very lazy these past months. It's summer vacation after all! :)

Anyway, obviously you notice the new site layout (yah I've been doing this forever so screw me... :P). Other than that Felicia has been updated! By ferchogtx himself as usual. Now she's even better than ever! So get it! Get it! XD

P.S: Stages section are down for now so...heh. Special thanks to Ms. TempesT for the new banner! :3

March 29, 2007
I have finally uploaded 3 of my 4 screenpacks! I am currently updating the unuploaded one. About section is also up...but it's not really what it is. ;)

March 22, 2007
More quick updates!
- Changed some properties in Dancing Flash, it wasn't behaving according to MvC2.
- Corrected a minor bug with Air Throw.
- Added a damage dampener code (it was since ver 1.4, but I forgot to mention it XD)
- Fixed a bug when you pressed down dir while jumping.

March 20, 2007
Some quick Felicia updates.
- Corrected a color bug in the Adv Guard Spark when the palletes were changed.
- Corrected info in readme, the speed that you should use if wanting to play in turbo speed with Felicia is Fast 2 not Fast 3.
- Tweaked State 5030 to behave different when Felicia in in a launched state. Thanks to Cloudius for reporting
- Tweaked States 810 and 1410, they had a bug in which the foe was never killed by this moves XD.

March 20, 2007
A quick fix has been done.
- Felicia missed her default palette! Woops, my bad! :(
- Super Jump became harder to pull off so I fixed it.

March 19, 2007
FerchogtX has done a MASSIVE update to Felicia. There's lots of updates and changes that putting the update list in here would probably screw up the page. Download her now! Oh I also changed the creation screenshots with ones that have some cool shadow effects on them. :)

December 15, 2006
Just a quick reminder that the subdomain, http://moogen.i-xxcell.com, works now. It's not worth mentioning but I have changed the fonts to Georgia (I like it better than Trebuchet MS). I also removed the not-really-needed Date Released & Last Update lines in the stage section.

PS: Don't expect any Mugen releases from me anytime soon. That means there's no Christmas release. :(

November 17, 2006
Site now hosted on I-xxcell. Special thanks to XCB for the hosting.

November 16, 2006
A quick update to Felicia has been done, still by FerchogtX.

- Fixed a bug in State 100. The dashing combo inifinite can still be done but is now very hard to pull off.
- Juggle issues fixed. Kitty Litter can now connect 3 times under certain combo circumstances but maximum damage is reduced. It can only be done once in normal conditions.
- Aerial Delta Kick added

Download her now! :)

Nov. 8, 2006
Big site update! First of all you will notice the new site layout. I make it so that it looks a lot cleaner and be valid HTML4.0 Transitional. Second, I have hosted Cabbit007's Lifebar tutorial because apparently it's almost non-existent throughout the internet...and for the sole purpose of makign my site lookk bigger. It's for those who want to learn more about lifebar making, the simple way. Last but definitely the best update of all is the huge update to my char. Felicia! Very huge thanks to FerchogtX! Now Felicia's better and more of her MvC2 ver. and even has Tag Battle added in.

Felicia's changelog since last release:
- Added Advanced Guard (custom)
- Fixed a bug in which air jump culdn't be made during super jump.
- Added Recovery Roll (From Nobuyuki's Magneto MvC2 ver.)
- Fixed a bug with Rolling buckler followup with X button that made cancelable the move instead of showing the low punch animation.
- Fixed hard kick hit properties to bounce the enemy from air to ground
- Modifyed some HM sparks and BG's.
- Changed button layout to MvsC2 style.
- Changed some palletes, the others weren't not so good XD. Now there are 5 new palletes (+ the original one) to choose from.
- Sand Splash, Rolling buckler and Kitty Litter can now OTG the opponent.
- All Special moves can now be cancelled into Hyper Moves (like in MvC2).
- Added some extra sparks for dashing and Super Jumping that were missing.
- Changed VS Portrait.
- Added TagBattle Support (comapitble with Ryou Win's chars) ver. 5
- Fixed a bug in state 100 (Dash forward)
- Added custom AI (Thanks to Equinôcio)
- Added a section in cns in which you can see which variables have been used by now, also added a DisplayToClipboard state to see values for the most important and used vars.
- Added a counter move while guarding, good for extremely fierce fighters XD.
- Remodified super jump code, now it uses an overrided state 40 and 50, with the activation of a variable (var(0)) which, when activated, enables the super jump with the explods and sounds the move has.
- Added a custom state for p2 when being launched (custom).
- Added a PalFX code (in statedef -2) every time you enter Advanced Guard, felicia will turn into blue, and return to normal after few secs.
- Changed some AI routines to reflect some changes.

October 27, 2006
All stages are up! I managed to recover three of my screenpacks so they will come soon.

October 21, 2006
Well thats it. No more proffessional looking sites for me. I'm already tired of this hobby of mine. Characters and stages are up, screenpacks coming as soon as we buy a new RAM for our pc.