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Name: Cataracts 2
Origin: MvSF +Edits

Name: Desert Night
Origin: KoF 2000 + Edits

Name: Donovan's Stage Ver. 2
Origin: Vampire Savior 2 + Edits

Name: The Temple
Origin: Fist of the North Star 6

Name: Garbage at Dusk
Origin: KoF2000 + Edits

Name: The Happy Park
Origin: Fatal Fury + Edits

Name: Hilltop Daytime
Origin: MvSF + Edits

Name: Leilei's Stage Ver. 2
Origin: Vampire Hunter + Edits

Name: Wolvy's Stage at Dawn
Origin: MvSF + Edits

Name: Ryu's Stage
Origin: Street Fighter Alpha 3